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We craft amazing transport experience!

Handcrafted with the best Technologies.

Good design solves transport problems

Built in Tanzania, for Africa & the World

Our products create emotion and impact Movement


Flat Bed

Your solution to transporting heavy, bulk products and equipments.


Tanker Trailers

High quality Aluminum and Steel fuel tank semi-trailer with world-class fitments.


Tipping Trailers

Semi Tipping Truck manufactured to carry, transport and tipping.


Curtain Sider Trailers

Curtain Sider Semi - Trailer, custom made for multipurpose products.


Drop Side Trailers

Drop Side Doors Semi - Trailers with extended poles for Tarpaulin setup.

MADE IN Tanzania.

Many manufacturers talk about quality and a long service life. We actually deliver it.

Since its establishment in 1992, Superdoll has made dramatic progress in trailer manufacturing and after-sale services. To date we are among the largest trailer manufacturers and distributors of various world renowned automotive products in the East, Central and Southern Africa region. Despite being pleased with our success, we will not rest on our achievements. 

We continue to work progressively to improve our products and services and develop new solutions as per our customers’ needs and demands.

With each new trailer manufactured, we raise the bar a little higher – to achieve things that our competitors have not. With the use DOLL® Technology we guarantee reliability and safety. Our quality sets the standard – mile after mile, on any terrain.

Innovative technologies, components and systems.

Market-leading Axle Technology

Guiding, steering, suspension – in all of our vehicles, axles have an important role to play, guaranteeing optimum performance on any terrain.

Pioneering Steering Technology

The best steering systems for any terrain. Whether you're driving on a tarmac road or an unsurfaced forest floor, you can negotiate every bend with ease.

Electronic Assistance Systems

SUPERDOLL is privileged to be in association with WABCO, the No.1 global supplier of technologies and services that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles,

Dedicated Engineers & Technicians

We design and build our vehicles with precision, passion and cutting-edge technology – combined with an in-depth understanding of quality and the complex requirements of the outstanding transport solutions.

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