Tipping Trailers & Truck Tippers

SUPERDOLL®'s quality vehicles are your go to partner for Economical, Durable and Sustainable solutions.

Tipping Trailers & Truck Tipper Solutions

SUPERDOLL tipping trailers are designed to meet the most demanding challenges. Their durability, adaptability and heavy duty body and structure give them the ability to excel in any terrain hence make SUPERDOLL tupping trailers versatile all-rounders. Our robust trailers are utilized daily for crucial transport tasks in civil works, construction, agriculture and even tourism industries.

Semi - Tipping Trailer

Superdoll tipping trailers are built with high-quality light  materials and a robust design, ensuring durability and longevity even in the most demanding working conditions. They are equipped with a reliable tipping systems that allows for quick and efficient unloading of materials, making them ideal for various applications.
Equipped with safety features such as secure latching systems, high visibility markings, and robust braking systems they guarantee safe operation on the road and at the job site. Superdoll offers customization options to tailor the trailers to specific customer needs, including different sizes, load capacities, and optional features 


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  • Pneumatic Hydraulic Tipping System.
  • Heavy duty BPW air suspension
  • Electro – pneumatic brake systems with EBS / ABS
  • Tipping bucket stability design.
  • Rear tipping door with side locks and horizontal opening doors for semi trailer.
  • Access ladder.

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