Curtain Sider Trailers

SUPERDOLL's intelligent vehicles and scalable transport systems are up to even the greatest challenges.

Curtain Sider Trailer

Our intelligent trailers are engineered to meet the most demanding challenges with superior intelligence, ergonomics, and safety. Equipped with original components from leading global manufacturers such as BPW axles, JOST, WABCO, HELLA, and top-tier tire brands like MICHELIN, BFGOODRICH, and AEOLUS, our trailers are built to excel in any transport task.

When it comes to transporting beverages, boxes, or any type of goods, our SUPERDOLL Curtain Sider Semi Trailer is an indispensable choice. Its advanced hydraulic steering system and low loading height set it apart, while the robust, payload-optimized steel structure with low deadweight has proven its worth across various industries worldwide. The innovative trailer management system ensures maximum convenience, setting new standards and ushering in a new era of digital assistance.

  • Electro – pneumatic brake systems with EBS.
  • BPW axle with air suspension, 12T BPW eco heavy duty axles with abs and automatic slack adjustors and hub odometer.
  • BPW airbag type 36.
  • Dual line air brake system with spring loaded parking brake boosters.
  • 2” kingpin.
  • Landing gear.
  • 12 units of screw type container locks.
  • Curtain sider body with printing option.
  • 1,200 litres reserve tanks

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