Flat Bed Trailer

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Heavy Duty Trailers for Transport Solutions.

SUPERDOLL®'s heavy-duty trailers are real all-rounders, offering flexibility, efficiency, longevity in multiple transporting industries, be it in civil engineering, building construction, structural components, industrial and system parts, Loose and also containerized cargo. They are up to the greatest challenges – both today and tomorrow.

Low - Bed Trailer

The SUPERDOLL low-bed trailer redefines the benchmark for heavy haulage and the transportation of large equipment. Also referred to as a drop deck, this trailer boasts a design without side walls, showcasing robust engineering and specialized features meticulously crafted to excel in the challenging realm of transporting heavy loads. Efficiency and safety take center stage in its design and performance, making it a trusted choice for demanding transport tasks.

  • Pneumatic brake systems.
  • Hub odometer for kilometer reading.
  • Heavy Duty BPW suspension with 14ton axle each.
  • Heavy duty JOST landing legs.

Flat - Bed Trailer

Introducing SUPERDOLL’s Flat-Bed Trailer, a versatile transport solution built to handle a variety of cargo types including loose items, containers, construction materials, and concrete elements. Crafted with unique German engineering, this trailer prioritizes strength, durability, and a high payload capacity while meeting Tanzanian road regulations. Its exceptional design ensures the lowest maintenance and operational costs, thanks to the use of genuine OEM parts during manufacturing.

  • Pneumatic Brake Systems With option of either ABS or EBS.
  • Dual line air brake system with spring loaded parking brake boosters.
  • Heavy duty BPW suspension with 12 tons axle each with an option of both mechanical or air suspension, fitted with hub odometer for kilometer reading.
  • Heavy duty JOST landing legs

Skeleton Semi - Trailer

Introducing the Skeleton trailer, a specialized transport trailer engineered for efficiency and versatility in cargo hauling. Unlike traditional trailers with solid floor decks, the skeleton trailer stands out for its open framework design, optimized for transporting various types of cargo containers, particularly Iso containers. This innovative design eliminates unnecessary weight while providing a sturdy platform for securely carrying containers, making it an indispensable asset in logistics and transportation industries worldwide.

  • Overall Width: 2,500mm.
  • Overall Length 12340mm.
  • Deck Height: 1,355mm
  • King Pin Position: 1,430mm
  • High carrying capacity structure while maintaining safety.
  • Provides tyre efficiency.
  • Good braking systems for great efficiency and longevity.
  • Mechanic / Air suspension.
  • Drop side doors.
  • ABS / EBS can be Integrated.
  • Extended poles for tarpaulin fitment.

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